Vicki West has joined the Board of Newpoint Partnership. She brings to the Board Executive Director experience, much godly wisdom and heart for ministry. A transplant from Chillicothe, Ohio, her only regret about moving to the South is that she did not do it a long time ago. When asked how she got to Brunswick, her response will always be, God put a calling on her life to “Speak to the Nations.”  She has two sons, Ryan & Jared, both married.  Vicki took the reigns as Executive Director of The International Seafarers’ Center in July, 2018.  Vicki is a champion of the “underdog” and after dealing with a homeless alcoholic for 3.5 years, listening to Lord always saying, ‘DO NOT GIVE UP ON HIM” and now being a part of his amazing transformation, she understands how important a ministry like Newpoint Partnership is. Vicki counts it a privileged to be a Board Member of this wonderful ministry.