Dec. 10, 2019 – Vicki West joins the Board of Directors

Vicki West has joined the Board of Newpoint Partnership. She brings to the Board Executive Director experience, much godly wisdom and heart for ministry. A transplant from Chillicothe, Ohio, her only regret about moving to the South is that she did not do it a long time ago. When asked how she got to Brunswick, her response will always be, God put a calling on her life to “Speak to the Nations.”  She has two sons, Ryan & Jared, both married.  Vicki took the reigns as Executive Director of The International Seafarers’ Center in July, 2018.  Vicki is a champion of the “underdog” and after dealing with a homeless alcoholic for 3.5 years, listening to Lord always saying, ‘DO NOT GIVE UP ON HIM” and now being a part of his amazing transformation, she understands how important a ministry like Newpoint Partnership is. Vicki counts it a privileged to be a Board Member of this wonderful ministry.

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