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When a man places his faith in Jesus Christ, he is a new creation.

This fact, stated in Paul the Apostle’s first letter to the church in Corinth, is the fact that makes Newpoint Partnership’s work possible and is the basis upon which the ministry was founded.  Every person other than Jesus is guilty of sin and alienated from God, but by placing faith in Jesus Christ a person is “born again” to a new life and the Holy Spirit of God dwells within him.  Because of this radical transformation, even the worst of men can become honorable men of integrity and valuable members of their church and community.  These are the men Newpoint Partnership seeks, supports, and equips to be all that God has called them to be.


 “Can you tell me how to make decisions?”

That was the question posed to me by Paul, a 34 year old Christian inmate.  When I asked him why he would ask such a question he said it was because, except for a total of about a year, he’s been in some form of detention since he was 11 years old.  When he gets out in 4 years, he’ll be 38 and be starting his life anew…with no home, no family, no job, no significant education and no resources.  “I won’t know what to do.” he lamented.


The Needs

There are approximately 15,000 prisoners released from Georgia prisons each year. Some percentage of them, perhaps 2% (~300 men), are born-again believers in Jesus Christ. When these Christian Brothers are released from prison they face many of the same challenges as non-Christian offenders: finding housing and a job, developing life skills and new habits, learning how to manage money, making healthy friendships and perhaps finishing school to name a few. Additionally, these Christian Brothers need to find a solid, Bible-believing church that is welcoming to someone with a prison history, is able provide mentors to walk alongside him, and offers the opportunity to be of service in the church.

The Christian church, which functions similarly to a human body (1st Cor. 12), is commanded to love our brothers in Christ (1st John 3:17-18). As members of Christ’s body, Christian Brothers have gifts, given to them by the Holy Spirit, that are provided for the benefit of the church. Local churches are positively impacted by the addition of Christian Brothers who have a heart for serving and are willing to employ their spiritual gifts for the benefit of the church.


The Solution

Newpoint Partnership , Inc. is a Georgia non-profit that was formed in 2018 to provide a solution to these issues. Newpoint helps local, evangelical, Bible-believing churches understand the needs of these Christian Brothers and helps the church leadership engage the membership in integrating and loving this brother. Newpoint concurrently works with the Christian Brother by providing support in helping him grow into a leader and builder of the kingdom of God.


Your Opportunity

We welcome you to join us. Whether you’re an individual, the representative of a church, a Christian Brother in need of reentry support or a friend/relative of a soon-to-be-released Christian Brother, if you have a heart for participating in what we are doing, we would like to talk with you!  Click here to contact us.