Jan. 28, 2020 – First Baptist’s Kingdom Endowment Fund provides $18,000 Grant

We are pleased to announce that First Baptist Church of Brunswick, GA has approved an $18,000 grant to Newpoint Partnership for use against the startup costs of the ministry. This infusion of cash will go a long way toward ensuring our start-up costs are covered. What a blessing, especially with our Discipleship & Residence Director starting on March 8th! This is another example of the support in our community for our ministry and a confirmation that this type of residential program is needed to ensure that Christian Brothers exiting prison will be supported, trained, and encouraged in the life to which Jesus has called them. Thank You First Baptist Church!

Jan. 26, 2020 – Mike Samulak becomes Newpoint’s 1st DRD

Mike Samulak has accepted the position of Disciple & Residence Director (DRD) at Newpoint Partnership. He will be the first DRD of Newpoint House. Born and raised in Michigan in a Russian-Polish family, he loves to study his heritage and it’s language. He accepted Christ as an early teen, but a few years later walked away from his faith. Later in life, after several re-attempts, he finally found himself facing the consequences of many poor choices and criminal charges, both state and federally. Upon incarceration, he began praying and reading the Word, daily. He felt the calling on his life to make a final change and recommit his life to the Lord. He began by facilitating different groups, such as A/A and N/A groups, in order to start sharing the love of Christ with fellow inmates. Through these groups and programs, he felt a heavy calling on his life, a life of ministry. After 5 years of confinement, he re-entered civilian life with a new perspective and a new love, one for sharing the gospel! He began facilitating men’s Bible study groups, began working in the field of construction, and continued to provide support of fellow parolee’s by attending state mandated groups once his parole was up. He has also joined fellow believers and some leaders of other denominations in other weekly prayer meetings. Newpoint has given Mike the opportunity to fulfill the calling God has placed on his life and allowed him the chance to give back what was given to him by the grace of God. The scripture placed on Mike’s heart, that describes him best is this: Isaiah 6:8 “Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then I said, Here am I; send me.”

Dec. 10, 2019 – Vicki West joins the Board of Directors

Vicki West has joined the Board of Newpoint Partnership. She brings to the Board Executive Director experience, much godly wisdom and heart for ministry. A transplant from Chillicothe, Ohio, her only regret about moving to the South is that she did not do it a long time ago. When asked how she got to Brunswick, her response will always be, God put a calling on her life to “Speak to the Nations.”  She has two sons, Ryan & Jared, both married.  Vicki took the reigns as Executive Director of The International Seafarers’ Center in July, 2018.  Vicki is a champion of the “underdog” and after dealing with a homeless alcoholic for 3.5 years, listening to Lord always saying, ‘DO NOT GIVE UP ON HIM” and now being a part of his amazing transformation, she understands how important a ministry like Newpoint Partnership is. Vicki counts it a privileged to be a Board Member of this wonderful ministry.

Dec. 5, 2018 – Restoration Imports of SSI donates lamps

Restoration Imports of SSI (RestorationImports.com) has graciously supported Newpoint House by offering lighting fixtures according to Newpoint’s needs/preferences. We’ve selected 6 new nightstand lamps for the Christian Brothers’ bedrooms and 2 new table lamps for the public living areas.  Many thanks to Mary Knittel and Mary Knight of Restoration Imports!

Dec. 1, 2018 – Maranatha Baptist Church becomes partner church

Maranatha Baptist Church has decided to partner with us!  In addition, it has taken on the project of remodeling the entire kitchen!  We are EXTREMELY grateful for this help in preparing Newpoint House for our Christian Brothers.  If you or your church group or civic group would like to help by taking on a room or some other aspect of preparation for our residents, please contact us.  We welcome your help.

Nov. 26, 2018 – Residence Acquired!

The home for Newpoint House was acquired today with the purchase of 1409 Egmont St.   This property is large (3,900+ sq. ft.), is in an excellent location and zoned appropriately for a group house.  Now comes the substantial work required to prepare the property for our Christian Brothers.  While the basic structure is sound, there is a need for considerable plumbing and electrical work.  There are several roof leaks, floors that need refinishing, a kitchen and two baths that need total makeovers and both interior and exterior painting.  Furniture and fixtures will be needed as soon as these items are completed.  We are in need of HELP!  Please give us a call if you, your church group, men’s group, women’s group or civic organization is willing to help prepare this home for our Christian Brothers.  You can reach us here.

Oct. 26, 2018 – Residence Found!

Newpoint has been looking for several months for a property to house our Christian Brothers (CBs).  That search ended today when the Board of Directors settled on a suitable home in Brunswick.  The home was used formerly by the nonprofit Grace House.  Newpoint is expected to take possession of the property sometime in November.

As soon as we take possession, the work to update the property’s electric and plumbing systems and furnish it for our Christian Brothers will begin.  The goal is to have our first CBs in the home sometime during the first quarter of 2019.  Please let us know if you’re willing to help.  We’ll find a place where you’ll fit in perfectly!

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Oct. 15, 2018 Two New Directors

Newpoint Partnership is pleased to announce that Charles Baldwin and Pastor Terry Walker have both joined Newpoint’s Board of Directors.  Each of these men have many years of Christian ministry experience and they bring additional depth to the board at Newpoint.  You can each man’s biography here.

Sept 25, 2018 Board Meeting

Newpoint’s Board of Directors met to officially begin the business of the corporation.  Joe Chafin was elected Board Chaiir, Tom Riccio Vice Chairman and Barb Angerer as Secretary/Treasurer.  Four standing subcommittees were formed, all of which will report back to the full board at their next meeting.  Rich Angerer was elected Executive Director.

Now comes the real work…obtaining our 501(c)(3) status from the IRS, procuring a site for housing the Christian Brothers and starting to seek those incarcerated men who would like to be in partnership with Newpoint and a local church.

Would you like to join us?  The fields are white for harvest but the laborers are few.  Come join us and watch what God is doing in moving this ministry forward.  Drop us a line on our Contact Us page or give us a call anytime.