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Meet the Team

Holy Spirit led the founders of this organization to start Newpoint Partnership. Jesus Christ is the leader of it, and it exists to glorify God the Father. It is wholly dependent upon Him for its continuance. The men and women below are currently serving Jesus at Newpoint.

warren rogers

Warren Rogers

Board Chairman

Warren is a native of Brunswick. He attended College Without Walls through his local church for a year. He felt compelled to go into jail and prison ministry over 20 years ago and he’s been involved in Kairos Prison Ministry for the last 7 years. He has also worked for over a year with people in recovery from chemical dependencies. He felt led of the Lord (from Isaiah 42:6-7) to go into the prison houses and open the eyes of the blind and it has become his passions…being a witness and light for Christ in this dark world. Warren is also principally involved in building an orphanage in Africa.

Brandie Herrel at newpoint partnership

Brandie Herrel


By day, Brandie is a senior sales executive for Friesens Corp., a Canadian printer. By night, she is a single mother to 3 beautiful sons and one gorgeous adult daughter in Memphis, TN. Brandie and her family moved to Brunswick in the summer of 2022. She felt called by God to prison ministry, as she has experienced these trial in her own life. Brandie’s life was transformed in a way that is only possible with Jesus and she gives Him all the glory. She is excited to spread the love and healing of God with us at Newpoint. In addition to serving on the Board, Brandie is our Director of Communications.

charles baldwin

Charles Baldwin


Charles is a native of Brunswick. His father was a Baptist preacher. Charles was led to Christ at an early age, but after the passing of his father when he was 12, his curiosity led to a life of drugs and alcohol. At the age of 35, in desperation, having reached the lowest point in his life, he received Christ Jesus into his life. After being delivered from drugs and alcohol he has been pressing to live a Christian life to the best of his ability. He spends his life trying to encourage others who are caught up in addiction to come to Christ, as God leads him.

Billie Hutchinson

Harold "Hal" Langevin


Hal was born in Bridgeport, CT, but grew up in South Florida.  Due to his poor health condition as a teenager, he relied on Jesus as his guardian and the Bible as the words from God talking to him as gentle comforter, moral guide, and author of the disciplines required to become the man Jesus wanted him to be.  Hal was involved in the Holy Spirit Conference on St. Simons Island, which introduced him to the Coastal Walk to Emmaus in 1998.  The walk, in turn, introduced him to Kairos Prison Ministry, where Jesus is introduced to incarcerated residents.  Hal has now been involved in Kairos for over 20 years and it was through Kairos that Hal learned about Newpoint.  He says “My journey has just begun with Jesus”.  Hal is married to Lisa, his wife of over 25 years.  They have 4 grandchildren.

Thomas Lee Price

Thomas "Lee" Price

Board Consultant

Lee grew up in Spokane, Washington and in his teenage years became an atheist and a chronic alcoholic. His alcohol addiction led to a tragic car crash in 1993 that took multiple innocent lives. Lee was sentenced to prison as a result and immediately after, he had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ that changed his life forever. During his incarceration he was called into ministry and served Jesus as a Bible teacher, Christian author, a poet, and was deeply involved with Kairos Prison Ministry. He met his beautiful wife Laurie, with a divine confirmation, and they actually married inside Washington State Prison in 2006. Since his release from prison in 2010 both Lee and Laurie have been serving the Lord with Kairos and other ministries. Laurie also has written her own inspirational poetry book combined with her amazing acrylic paintings. Lee is currently employed as Accounting Manager with Visiting Angels in Brunswick, Georgia. Together, they enjoy 4 children and 10 grandchildren.

Rich Angerer

Rich Angerer

Executive Director

Rich is a native of New Jersey, where he and his wife, Barb, raised and homeschooled their 4 children. God moved them through several churches during those 20 years, each time growing and pruning them. With a desire to be in Christian ministry, Rich retired a few years early from his commercial airline job and they moved to Brunswick in 2016. In looking for ministry opportunities here, Rich joined The Gideons International. Through this organization he weekly ministered to and discipled men in Ware State Prison tier cells for more than 2 years. It is due to several experiences he has had with men there that God placed Newpoint Partnership on his heart. Rich and Barb are members of Community Church in Brunswick and peer counselors at Skylark in Brunswick.

Patrick Cawley Newpoint Partnership

Patrick J Cawley

Residence Director

Patrick has been a resident of Brunswick for over 40 years. He is the proud father of 4 children and 4 grandchildren. His faith, family and country are priorities in his life.

In 2020 he retired from Sysco Foods and now works for 90.7 WAY Radio as Director of Business support, our local Christian radio station.

He is a Certified Christian addiction counselor, certified lay minister, and Life Recovery coach, co-founder of Hands & Feet ministry, Addiction counselor at Newway Recovery and Executive board member at Saved by Grace of Glynn a transitional men’s shelter in Brunswick.

Working with those bound in the chains of addiction, and being homeless is close to his heart because there was a time when he experienced the same addictions and struggles. While working in many of these ministries he has met many brothers and sisters that struggle with substance abuse and addictive behaviors.

Patrick is an instrumental part of the Discipleship and recovery programs here at Newpoint Partnership. He works closely with State and local institutions in reaching those men who have the desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus and become the men God created them to be. The fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, and strong leaders of their church community.

Patrick can always be found helping those less fortunate and cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs. Lastly, he will be the first to tell you that his greatest achievement is being a faithful servant of the one true God! In 2 Chronicles 15:7 it says, “be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

Jacob VanPelt

Jacob VanPelt

House Manager

Jacob is a native of Effingham County, GA He made parole on April 14, 2022 and came to Newpoint House as it’s first Christian Brother. While here he was baptized. He has always wanted to serve God by helping the broken, those whom most people had given up hope for. Jacob says “God has restored me and given me a new home in Brunswick. I feel as if all my mistakes in my youth have lead me here. I’m grateful to be able to serve God and help my Father’s children coming out of prison.”

Jackie Goodwill Newpoint Partnership

Jackie Goodwill


Greetings, I’m Minister Jackie Goodwill, a dedicated counselor at Newpoint Partnership. My passion is witnessing individuals break free from the chains of substance abuse, including drugs and alcohol. Having personally triumphed over drug addiction three and a half decades ago, I am committed to guiding others toward a path of recovery and liberation.

Michelle Reece Newpoint Partnership

Michelle Reece


Michelle is a native of Chattanooga, TN and is extremely blessed as a single mother of 3 beautiful adult children. She relocated to Brunswick 2 ½ years ago hoping to obtain a fresh perspective of life and a real walk with Jesus after experiencing some life-altering events that left her broken but determined to pursue His calling on her life. She was led to Newpoint Partnership’s ministry due to circumstances that she faced in her own life that made her want nothing more than to help others learn to live again. She is excited to spread the love, compassion, and grace that the Holy Spirit has given her to bring others to know Jesus and to accept Him as their savior and lord.

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