Partner With Us

God is about to do some amazing things at Newpoint House.  You can join Him and help make a difference in a man’s life, the life of his family, and life in the Golden Isles.  Ways you can join in this life-changing ministry:

Pray – God answers prayers that are in accordance with His will, and His will is that all men grow in Christ. Please pray for the men of Newpoint House, both those that are here and those that will someday come.  Pray for those who graduate, that they will remain steadfast in living Christ-like lives til God calls them home.

Engage – Man or woman, “talented” or not, you can be of help to the men of Newpoint House.  Perhaps you would like to attend a Bible study lead by a Christian Brother, teach the men a life-skill like cooking, or help the men build godly relationships within the church.  Men who are mature in the faith can walk alongside a man to provide a role model, or perhaps become a mentor or counselor.  All that is required is a desire to please God by loving your Christian Brothers.  Contact Us and see how rewarding it is to serve your brother in Christ.

Give – We accept no government funds, so everything we do is done by God’s grace through the generous support of private contributors, churches and occasional grant makers.    After you have supported your local church, please consider financial support to Newpoint.  Your giving will have a very clear and demonstrable impact on the lives of the men living here.  To support this ministry financially, please click here.

Spread the Word – The more wide-spread the knowledge of Newpoint House is, the more effective we can be in ministry.  With a broader base we will obtain increasingly qualified Christian Brothers, we can house and work with additional men and we can provide more stability to the financial needs of the ministry.

Stay Informed – To be placed on our email list, please fill out our Contact Us page.  We’ll email you about once per month with updates about progress in the ministry, specific prayer requests and opportunities to participate.

Want to help make a no-extra-cost difference while you shop at Amazon?  Simply follow the instructions below to select “Newpoint Partnership Inc” as your charity and purchase through rather than  You’ll have the same products at the same prices, but Amazon will donate a portion of your eligible purchases to us, all at no additional cost to you!

To set it up, simply go to on your computer or mobile device and follow the instructions, selecting “Newpoint Partnership Inc” as your charity.  If you use the Amazon app for purchases, be sure to turn on AmazonSmile  in the app by going to “Settings” in the main menu, tapping on “AmazonSmile”, and follow the on-screen instructions.