Local, Bible-believing, evangelical churches are a key component in the process of successfully integrating released Christian Brothers into the church and into society. By being healing, redemptive and reconciling communities that embrace and engage released Christian Brothers, individuals in the church demonstrate the love that Jesus commands us to have for our brothers.

Partnering churches provide financial support to Newpoint to enable the continuation of this ministry, but the most important aspect of partnering is the physical and spiritual integration of the CB into the local body. This support can be expressed in many ways, at least some of which can be done by every member of the local body. Examples include:

  • Starting a conversation during coffee hour before/after church
  • Taking the CB to lunch after church
  • Inviting the CB to a meal at the member’s home
  • Picking up the CB for the Sunday service or small group meetings
  • Actively mentoring the CB by a mature Christian man
  • Sending a birthday card
  • Giving of a present at Christmas time

The local church is prospered by the integration of the CB as he brings his spiritual gifts and talents for the benefit of the church.