Christian Brothers

A Christian Brother (“CB”) being released from prison will find a safe haven at Newpoint Partnership. We work to make Newpoint a place that has a welcoming, Christian family home feel. Our Resident Director has successfully gone through the process of reentry; he understands the wants, needs and concerns of the Christian Brother and he is eager to help new brothers get settled in quickly and smoothly. During the first month Newpoint provides room and board, medical, dental and eye exams, helps in obtaining identification documents, a drivers license, GED testing (if appropriate), employment and educational assistance, integration into a local, Bible-believing church, and such other supports as are appropriate on a case by case basis.  The CB’s first month expenses are covered by Newpoint through donations from individuals and local churches. Thereafter, the CB is expected to:

  • work full time
  • contribute financially to his church
  • be actively involved in a Christian ministry
  • contribute financially and practically to the work of Newpoint
  • contribute to his “stepping out” fund (a fund designed to provide financially for the CB’s needs upon graduation)
  • work to love, support, encourage and edify those CBs who arrive at Newpoint after him.
  • attend weekly discipleship, small group and substance abuse meetings

Upon graduation, a CB is expected to be fully self-supporting, a member of a local, Bible-believing church and to actively work to build the kingdom of God.

Click here for the Christian Brother Application Process.