Christian Brother Rights

As a Christian Brother in the Newpoint Partnership Program you have the following rights:
1. You have the right to confidentiality as specified by Federal and State Laws.
2. You have the right to own and use your own clothes and personal possessions. This may be restricted, if your clothes and/or possessions are determined to be dangerous or inappropriate.
3. You have the right to food, your own bed, and a space for storing your belongings.
4. You have the right to adequate, clean sanitation facilities.
5. You have the right to privacy within the Newpoint House and Christian Brother Rules.
6. You have the right to prompt and adequate medical, dental and vision care. Newpoint Partnership Inc. does not provide for any such incurred expenses, but will endeavor to help you find financial assistance, if needed.
7. You have the right to secure an attorney to help with any legal issues you may have. This will be at your expense. Newpoint Partnership Inc. does not provide for legal expenses.
8. You have the right to have your attorney, physician, and other professionals visit you at any reasonable time coordinated with the Discipleship and Residence Director.
9. You have the right to attend Newpoint scheduled activities, such as Bible studies and church services.
10. You have the right, to the extent allowed by law, to vote by absentee ballot.
11. You have the right to speak with the Executive Director if you have a problem or complaint, or to appeal any decision made by a Newpoint volunteer or staff member. The Executive Director of Newpoint Partnership is responsible for making sure that all of your rights are being protected.

I have read and understand the above rights, and I have received a copy of this document.

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