About Newpoint…

Newpoint Partnership is a Georgia nonprofit founded in 2018 to be in partnership, both with the local, evangelical, Bible-believing church and the Christian Brother (CB) newly released from a Georgia state prison.  Newpoint also assists in establishing and maintaining the link between newly released Christian Brothers and the local church.

For the CB, Newpoint Partnership provides physical and financial support, spiritual training, and linkage to a local, Bible-believing Christian church. This ministry focuses on all aspects of the individual: heart, soul, mind and body. The goal is to equip each CB to become not only upstanding, productive citizens but also fruitful kingdom builders in their own right.

For the local church, Newpoint provides a very practical opportunity for it to engage a CB in a positive and mutually beneficial way, both from organizational and individual member standpoints. Through this process, the church fulfills its Biblical mandate to love its brother in need.


  • Screens applicants to determine those most likely to successfully complete the program.
  • Provides matriculating individuals with food and housing, and it assists in other support, such as medical, dental, eye care, employment and educational assistance, as appropriate on a case by case basis.
  • Works with partner employers to ensure that Christian Brothers are performing appropriately
  • Works with local churches to prepare them for acceptance of a Christian Brother
  • Provides a structured program of discipleship and accountability that will establish the CB on a path for success, both in both secular and spiritual areas.