– – – – Immediate Physical Needs – – – –

Here are the current top 5 “most needed” physical items.  If you wish to donate any of these items and live in or near Glynn County, GA, we would be happy to pick them up at your convenience.  Thank you!

  • Twin box spring and mattress – This is the last mattress/box spring needed to complete the setup for all our rooms at Newpoint House.
  • Refrigerator/freezer – Our current refrigerator/freezer is still functioning, but it’s on it’s last legs.  Having a replacement in good condition now will eliminate a last minute (and expensive) emergency purchase.
  • String Trimmer/Edger (weed wacker – battery operated preferred) – We endeavor to be good neighbors by keeping Newpoint House and its property in a condition that improves the neighborhood.  This is difficult to do without a trimmer.   We’ve been borrowing one from a director until we have one of our own.
  • Christian books, particularly reference / theological books – We’re building Newpoint House’s library so the Christian Brothers will be firmly grounded in the faith and well equipped for whatever ministry God calls them to.
  • Sheets (twin, queen or king size) – Having additional sets of bed linens for each Christian Brother will allow him more flexibility in his laundry cycle.  This will be helpful to the men, as their schedules are very tightly packed.