Christian Brother Rules and Graduation Requirements

As a Christian Brother, you are expected to live out the Christian life in thought and deed, fully recognizing that each of us is a new creation in Christ, but still has the old nature within us. We need to love one another, submit to one another, be accountable to one another, and do all we can to please God by what we think and do. All of this will help each of us to grow towards maturity in the Christian life and in a family setting. These guidelines, many with Scriptural references, have been developed to cover most of the expectations we have for you and for each other during your participation in the Newpoint Partnership program.

You are a part of this discipleship program because the Lord placed you here. You are under His full authority. By entering this program, you are also placing yourself under the authority of the Newpoint Partnership Executive Director and the Discipleship and Residence Director (DRD), your mentors and your local church. Titus 3:1-2 commands us “to be subject to rulers and authorities, to obey, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing all humility to all men. “You must submit to the authority of the DRD and your local church, otherwise you are rebelling against Gods authority (Romans 13:1-7; 2nd Peter 2:10). However, if you can show through the authority of the Scripture that any of these men are wrong in a particular decision, then he/they must submit to the Word of God. Otherwise, you must comply with their judgment. Remember that the scriptures teach biblical principles and we apply them to our lives in difficult situations in order to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord. The Scripture may not say word-for-word what you want it to say for your specific situation, but it will clearly imply what needs to be done in your particular situation. The DRD and your mentor(s) are Gods chosen vessels to point you to the truth and assist you in applying scriptures.

The Newpoint Partnership staff, volunteers and your local church leaders all want you to succeed and to be all that God has enabled you to be. They will assist you in any godly way they can, if able. If, however, you choose to not conform to the rules of the Newpoint program or are disobedient to those in authority over you, you will be subject to discipline. Discipline is provided as a training mechanism, not a punishment. The DRD will issue a Disciplinary Report (DR) as he deems appropriate. Receipt of DRs may result in loss of privileges, delays to your graduation to the next phase, and/or removal from the Newpoint Partnership Program.

Newpoint Partnership is a biblical ministry, as is your local church. We are not a social service agency. We are directed solely by the authority of the Word of God. Gods Word is final in all matters.

Christian Brothers are encouraged to think of what they can do and, even more, what God can do through them. We encourage each man to ponder the great and noble things God may be calling him to, and then to strive to fulfill that calling.

General Rules

  1. Newpoint Partnership strives for excellence in all its operations to bring glory to God. Each Christian Brother is to do likewise. (1st Cor. 10:31, Col. 3:23)

  2. You are expected to continually exemplify the highest standards of integrity during participation in the program. You are to be truthful, forthright and honest always about everything. (Proverbs 12:22)

  3. We are representing Jesus Christ in our community. You must not demonstrate any appearance or behavior that does not bring glory to God (inappropriate clothing, cursing, foul language, littering, etc.).

  4. We are working hard to build meaningful relationships with our neighbors. They need to know that we love them and are here to serve. It is very important that you avoid inappropriate joking and political or racial comments. We want them to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ from us. Keep their confidence and anonymity as you pray for them and love them.

  5. Your are not to get involved in disagreements or altercations on the street or with neighbors. If there is an urgent situation, your role is to immediately solicit aid from the DRD (or call 911) and pray. If someone is upset with you, bend, be flexible, diffuse the situation. We will discuss it as a family and go from there. Our goal is to love our neighbors into the light. Do not take sides in disputes.

  6. We are a ministry and will conduct neighborhood outreaches and events. Christian Brothers will take an active role in planning and execution of these events to the extent they are not precluded from doing so by either work or school commitments.

  7. Listen with care and keep your word with everyone. Be slow to speak, quick to listen and slow to wrath. Give them your attention when you are with them.

  8. Clothing is to be worn properly. Top of pants must be at the waistline. No sexually suggestive, obscene, or foul language is permitted on clothing.

  9. We meet with each Christian Brother whom we anticipate will enter the program to discern where he is in his walk with Christ, to discuss his personal situation, needs, goals and responsibilities. We discuss the resources and support available to the Brother by or through Newpoint. At this meeting, a Personal Program Agreement is developed as an amendment to the other agreements between Newpoint Partnership and the Christian Brother. It is binding on both parties and provides greater clarity to our relationship.

  10. Each Christian Brother’s Personal Program Agreement is based on his individual situation. It is inappropriate to compare Program Agreements between Christian Brothers as each Christian Brother has different abilities, goals and needs.

  11. Each Christian Brother is required to attend church services, be in small group Bible studies, and continue his education in some manner. This may include training for a trade. Your particular requirements are listed in your Personal Program Agreement.

  12. If any schooling is graded, Christian Brothers are required to promptly provide their grades to Newpoint and each brother must be in good academic standing, including attendance. If school issues arise, they should be discussed promptly with the DRD.

  13. The only drugs that may be consumed are medications prescribed by a licensed physician and over-the-counter medications as distributed by the DRD. Consumption of any other drug is a violation and sufficient cause for termination of your participation. (Proverbs 20:1; 1st Corinthians 3:16)

  14. Smoking and consumption of alcohol is not allowed. (1st Corinthians 6:12, 1920)

  15. Pornography in any form (print, vocal or electronic) is not allowed.

  16. Gambling or playing the lottery is not allowed. (Hebrews 13:5)

  17. Fights, threats, and/or aggressive behavior are strictly forbidden. (James 4:6, Mark 11:25)

  18. Possession of weapons of any nature will terminate your participation. (Romans 8:56)

  19. Mobile phones and all other electronic communication devices are not allowed to be in your possession or used unless you have completed Phase 2 and it is approved by the DRD.

  20. Be respectful of the property of others. Borrowing or trading is not recommended or advised.(Proverbs 22:7b)

  21. You are to be prepared and seated 5 minutes prior to all scheduled training or meetings unless given prior permission by the DRD. There is no eating or drinking during any training or meeting, and you are to be attentive and appropriately involved during each meeting or training session. (Proverbs 19:20)

  22. You are to treat others with consideration and respect. This is particularly true for the DRD, your mentors and others involved in your discipleship. (Romans 12:1618,
    lippians 2:15)

  23. You are to heed the counsel and advice given by Newpoint staff and program volunteers (Prov. 15:22, 9:9)

  24. Do not engage in any form of sexual activity apart from your legally wedded wife. (1st Corinthians 6:13; Hebrews 12:16)

  25. Family and romantic relationships need to be put on hold to enter the Newpoint Partnership Program. This is necessary so your full attention will be on building a firm spiritual foundation that you will use for the rest of your life. A strong and intimate relationship with Jesus will provide you with the strength, wisdom and character to properly lead a family and to succeed at the other endeavors God will lead you through. This restriction means you may not be able to spend holidays with your family and that time spent with them may be limited. This restriction also includes all of the following romantic behaviors:
    – Going out with a female (Matthew 6:34; Philippians 4:6)
    – Having a phone conversation with a female (unless
    required for work or school)
    – Writing a letter or email or text to a female (unless
    required for work or school)
    This involves being honest with yourself. Don’t play the “just friends” game. This restriction may be adjusted at the discretion of the DRD
    and Executive Director, but any adjustments are an earned privilege, not a right to be demanded, and will be based upon your proven, maturing Christian character. In no case will this restriction be adjusted in Phase 1; it may be adjusted in Phase 2 for family relationships and after completing Phase 2 for romantic relationships.

  26. Hold one another accountable. Edify (build up) your Brothers in the Lord.

  27. Borrowing or lending money is not allowed, whether between Christian Brothers or others. The Executive Director may make exceptions to this rule on rare occasion. You are not to purchase or receive as gifts any electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.). (Proverbs 22:7b)

  28. You are not allowed to own, lease, borrow, receive as a gift, or rent a motor vehicle. You are in a discipleship program that requires a high level of accountability and a motor vehicle would provide you with freedom of movement that has proven to be deleterious to many returning citizens. This restriction may be waived by the DRD and the Executive Director, based upon your need, your ability to financially support the purchase and operation of the vehicle, and your proven, maturing Christian character and you have completed Phase 2.

  29. You must obtain a pass from the DRD to be away from Newpoint House for anything other than items related to the Newpoint Partnership Program (school, employment, classes/church services, etc). This is for your own protection and is part of being a responsible and accountable family member. No passes will be given in Phase 1. See the Newpoint Partnership Pass Policy for further clarification.

  30. The name, address and phone number of your employer and supervisor, as well as your pay period and work schedule are to be given to the DRD and kept on file. All income, whether from gifts, employment, or any other source, is

  31. In order to protect yourself, you are to abstain from communication with former inmates not approved by the DRD. Accountability in all areas is key. (1st Peter 2:13a, 17a)

  32. Consistent fellowship in an approved church, and fellowship and discipleship with your mentors and others involved in your discipleship is required and will help you build ongoing selfconfidence, lessen negative temptations, and provide encouragement during your participation. Church attendance and the mentor relationships will also prepare you to live triumphantly when you complete your time of discipleship. (Hebrews 3:13; 10:2425)

  33. Financial issues are governed by each Christian Brother’s Financial Account Agreement and the Newpoint Partnership Fee Schedule Agreement.

  34. You are to follow directions and advice from staff members.

  35. You are to honor the confidentiality and privacy of other Christian Brothers, Newpoint staff and volunteers.

  36. You are to avoid making unreasonable demands.

  37. You are to keep appointments or promptly coordinate any necessary changes.

  38. You are to take an active part in the Newpoint Partnership program.

  39. Sin struggles may require professional biblical counseling and accountability measures (e.g., Covenant Eyes software, no computer or smart phone). The Christian Brother is expected to willingly comply with any such determination by Newpoint staff.

  40. You are to communicate to the DRD immediately incidents that were or can be harmful to you and/or others. This includes physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological harm.

  41. The following are Scriptural Principles for Any Task. They should be memorized so you can develop the habit of using them:

  • Take initiative – be pro-active, not reactive
  • Follow through – don’t leave things to chance
  • Deliver – finish what you start
  • Keep your eyes wide open – be aware of your environment and circumstance
  • Be concerned with details – small details can make or break a plan
  • Pour your heart into everything you do – have a good attitude and strong work ethic
  • Check your work, AFTER you believe it is completed – be care-full
  • Always have a plan of protection – build a fence and abide by it…always
  • Do all things as unto Jesus

Newpoint House Related Rules

  1. Everyone (including but not limited to Newpoint House residents, volunteers, and guests) must personally log in and out of the Newpoint House property at the time of occurrence.

  2. Overnight time away from Newpoint House must be approved in writing by the DRD and is dependent on the Christian Brother’s Personal Program Agreement and his current situation.

  3. Newpoint may search personal belongings and/or require drug/alcohol testing at any time. Refusing to allow a search or drug/alcohol testing will result in immediate removal from Newpoint House and the Newpoint Partnership program.

  4. Newpoint House is our safe haven, so unless prior approval is obtained from Newpoint staff, there are to be no visitors or guests in Newpoint House. If approval is obtained, the visitors/guests are limited to use of the first floor public rooms. No approval will be provided if you are in Phase 1.

  5. If you are the last person leaving Newpoint House, ensure ALL doors and windows are closed and locked.

  6. Turn off all appliances (lights, fan, etc.) when leaving a room. (Proverbs 10:4)

  7. Newpoint House may be monitored by video recording devices. I give my consent to providing such recordings to the authorities if necessary.

  8. No candles, open flame, or incense is allowed.

  9. When outside your room you must have on at least a t-shirt and shorts.

  10. Approved television programming is:
    – News and news related specials
    – Sporting events (baseball, football, etc.)
    – Christian television stations
    Other movies and television programs may be allowed by the DRD on a case-by-case basis. Movies and television programs that are sexually explicit or contain foul language will never be allowed. (Matt. 5:28)

  11. Only Newpoint supplied computers may be used. Such computers are only allowed in areas designated by the DRD and at times designated by the DRD.


  1. Newpoint will provide family style breakfasts and dinners for all Christian Brothers. Food for lunch will generally be available but is the responsibility of the individual. Much of this food will come from our area’s America’s Second Harvest food bank, so the menus may vary considerably. The balance of food needs will be bought, or obtained by donation. A Christian Brother’s specific food requirement or desire is his personal responsibility. Unless medically required by a licensed physician, all Christian Brothers are to eat the group meals prepared for breakfast and dinner.

  2. Food may only be prepared and consumed at meal times. No snacking except while watching TV.

  3. No food is to be consumed anywhere except in the dining room or kitchen, with two exceptions: a) drinks are OK elsewhere if coasters are used, and b) chips/snacks may be consumed in the living room while watching TV. These exceptions may be removed by the DRD if Newpoint House cleanliness is degraded.

  4. Everything dirtied during a meal is to be cleaned up immediately after the meal. Nothing may be left in the sink for cleaning at a later time.

  5. All food must be stored in the kitchen or pantry and all food from opened packaging must be stored in sealed plastic containers.

Newpoint House Cleanliness & Environment

  1. Keep the house clean and neat at all times. Clean up after yourself . Wipe out the bathroom sink, shower, tub and mirror after each used.

  2. Do not alter the thermostat. If there is an issue with temperature, speak with the DRD. Space heaters may not be used.

  3. Laundry, including bed linens, is to be done weekly or when you have a full load, whichever occurs first.

  4. Do not move furniture or hang things on the wall without the approval of the DRD.

  5. If the indoor garbage or recycling can is full, take it out to the appropriate bin.

  6. Scheduled chores are to be done on time and with a good attitude.

  7. Keep your living space clean and neat. Clothes must fit in your closet and/or dresser and may not be left lying about your room. Make your bed every morning before devotions; keep your dirty clothes in your hamper. Keep your desk and night stand clean and neat. (Ecclesiastes 9:10; Proverbs 10:4)

  8. Be considerate of others. For example, keep noise levels down and activities to a minimum after 10:00p.m. You are to be home by 9:00pm Sunday thru Thursday, and 10:00pm Friday and Saturday unless given permission by the DRD to alter these times. (James 3:1718)

  9. All Christian Brothers will work to ensure Newpoint House is a pest-free residence. If any pest or evidence of any pest is noticed, immediately inform the DRD. The DRD will take appropriate action, up to and including obtaining professional services.


  1. The Newpoint House phone is only to be used for calling 911 in an emergency or at such other times and purposes approved by the DRD. The DRD may limit call duration. No call may last more than 15 minutes.

  2. Doctor prescribed medications are stored in a locked container maintained by the DRD. It is the Christian Brother’s responsibility to request and take the appropriate medication from the DRD as directed by his physician. See the Newpoint Partnership Medication Policy for further clarification.

Phase 1 Completion Requirements (anticipated duration of Phase 1 is 6 weeks):

  • Be in the Newpoint Partnership Program a minimum of 6 weeks
  • Demonstrate a commitment to daily walk with Christ and be obedient to his word
  • Complete Kingdomworks Studios’ Conquer Series curriculum
  • Memorize the first 12 Bible Memory Verses
  • Complete selected BBN Bible Institute courses below 20000
  • Perform a minimum of 20 hours of community service
  • Read the Bible from Genesis 1:1 through the book of 2nd Samuel (or more)
  • Have a budget and financial plan developed and implemented

Phase 2 Completion Requirements (anticipated duration of Phase 2 is 3 months):

  • Be in the Newpoint Partnership Program a minimum of 5 months
  • Demonstrate a growing maturity in your relationship Christian walk
  • Have a verbal testimony of what Jesus Christ has done for you
  • Be full-time employed
  • Save at least $1,000 of your employment wages
  • Complete the To Live is Christ curriculum
  • Memorize the first 25 Bible Memory Verses
  • Complete all BBN Bible Institute courses below 30000
  • Perform a minimum total of 75 hours of community service
  • Read the Bible from Ezra 1:1 through the book of Malachi (or more)

Phase 3 Graduation Requirements (anticipated Newpoint Partnership Program duration is 8 – 18 months):

  • Have a verbal testimony of what Jesus Christ has done for you
  • Consistently display mature Christian character
  • Read the entire Bible during your stay at Newpoint House
  • Complete To Live is Christ curriculum
  • Complete Kingdomworks Studios’ Conquer Series curriculum
  • Memorize all Christian Brother Bible Memory Verses
  • Complete the remaining BBN Bible Institute courses specified in your Personal Program Agreement
  • Complete any other requirements specified in your Person Program Agreement
  • Perform a minimum of 100 hours of community service
  • Have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • Be in the Newpoint Partnership program a minimum of 8 months
  • Have no behavioral issues requiring program discipline in the 5 months prior to graduation.
  • Have total Cornerstone Account savings of at least $2,500 (excluding the 20% love offering provided at graduation by Newpoint Partnership)
  • Have a Personal Financial Plan for the next year
  • Be employed full-time (35 hrs/week or more)
  • Have an appropriate place to reside upon leaving Newpoint House
  • Be recommended by the appropriate pastor of the church you are attending
  • Be recommended by the Newpoint House Discipleship & Residence Director
  • Be recommended by the Newpoint Partnership Executive Director

Post Graduation:
For the first 5 years after graduation, Christian Brothers are asked to contribute 1% of their gross income to Newpoint Partnership to support the ministry and the Christian Brothers who will follow after them. It is hoped that, after the 5 year period is over, each graduate will continue to support Newpoint Partnership as a significant part of his offering to God.

I, _________________________________ understand the above rules, agree to be bound by them, and understand that my failure to comply with them may result in discipline up to and including my removal from Newpoint House and the Newpoint Partnership program.

I also understand that this document is supplemented by documents, received and signed by me, that contain additional details about the specific areas they cover.

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Christian Brother’s Signature                                                             Date

Discipleship & Residence Director (Print Name)

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